Tips and ideas on caring for your child

  • Dads Guide on Induction of Labor

    Dads Guide on Induction of Labor

    Waiting for your partner to give birth is endless. By week 40 of pregnancy, you and your partner will feel pretty eager to get the waiting over with. And your baby is probably preened for the occasion too. But what if it got stage fright and just won’t make its entrance? What then? Induction of […]

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Meal Planning

    A Beginner’s Guide to Meal Planning

    Meal planning is the simple act of planning and writing down any of your meals for the week ahead of time. It can be as flexible or rigid as you want it to be. You can plan for your family. You can arrange to eat wholesome meals and plan every snack and meal, or simply […]

  • Kids Who Think For Themselves

    Kids Who Think For Themselves

    Parents instinctively want to help their children when they struggle. A parent’s impulse is often to fix the problem by themselves. While this strategy makes perfect sense, especially when kids are very young, this might become counterproductive as they grow. Parents may provide a quick fix when rescuing children while denying them opportunities to practice […]

  • Family Rituals and How it Can Help Create Stronger Bonds

    Family Rituals and How it Can Help Create Stronger Bonds

    Family rituals are experiences or activities that are passed down between generations. These traditions or rituals can be unique and special as the family itself. These are also activities that you repeatedly do consistently. These are activities that only your family participates in. Rituals enable you to declare, “This is who we are and what […]

  • Planning Holidays with Kids

    Planning Holidays with Kids

    Holidays are a vital part of life: not only for a change of scenery and the chance to do something different but also for recharging your batteries and spending quality time with your family. Traveling during the holidays can be an enlightening and eye-opening experience for children. But traveling with children can also be an […]

  • Diaper Debate: Cloth vs Disposable

    Diaper Debate: Cloth vs Disposable

    In this modern-day age, parents often feel the need to weigh up over diapering decisions; disposables are convenient and make laundry time virtually trouble-free. However, some parents are still keen on wrapping their babies’ bottoms in gentle fabric and using cloth diapers. Like almost every parenting decision, the right decision is ultimately what feels best […]

  • Effective Ways to Cope with Mommy Stress

    Effective Ways to Cope with Mommy Stress

    Motherhood is stressful. And yes, it does bring fun, growth, and love, but it can also include a fair amount of work, frustration, and strain. Juggling your responsibilities as a mom and other duties is challenging. Whether you’re also a spouse or an employee, or both, it will be hard to fit everything in addition […]

  • Posting photos of your child online

    Posting photos of your child online

    It is now pretty common to share photos of your child online. Proud parents usually post stories, photos, and videos of their kids. They want to share their accomplishments or anything their kids do that makes them feel happy. Parents also might share holiday photos or a little blog about parenting and raising children. Posting […]

  • Raising an Only Child

    Raising an Only Child

    Parents with one child often feel social pressure from friends and family to add more kids to the family. You may feel pressured, but having more kids is more than okay. Raising a child is not an easy task. Raising more than one child may assume that raising only one is more manageable. Still, more […]

  • Should I have Kids?

    Should I have Kids?

    If you’re looking for a straightforward answer to whether or not you should have a child, sorry to tell you, but you won’t get it here, and it actually doesn’t exist. And yes, there are several reasons people choose not to have children, but it could be the most fulfilling decision you’ve ever made and […]