Tips and ideas on caring for your child

  • Facial Tissues – Price Comparison @ Amazon (Updated)

    Facial Tissues – Price Comparison @ Amazon (Updated)

    Between allergy and cold/flu seasons, our collective need to wipe our noses has never been greater. While most facial tissues are adequate, not all are created equal. The key is to find ones that aren’t too scratchy or weak to deal with a severe bout of mucus. Here’s a list of the most affordable soft […]

  • Choosing the Right Stroller for Twins

    (Last Updated on 1 August 2022) A stroller is perhaps the most crucial piece of equipment you will buy as a parent of multiples. Unless you plan to be confined to your home until your children can walk, you will need a good stroller to maneuver them through the world. Many families find that their […]

  • Eating Together as a Family

    It would be easier and simpler for many parents to forget about family dinners. With everyone’s schedules different, it can sometimes be hard to find the time to sit down as a family. Families now may feel the need to eat on the run with all the activities. But more and more parents realize that […]

  • What to buy for your first baby

    As the birth of your baby nears, there will be a lot to do, and assembling all the necessities for your newborn may become a daunting task. You may have a list of your own, but you may remember some, forget some, or think that you don’t need something when you really need it.  Practically, […]

  • Is it acceptable to put toddler in daycare if you’re not working?

    Those who need care, especially little children, are needy and adorable, and parents are evolutionarily disposed to focus on them. And the truth is, without childcare, life will revolve around your toddler. As a parent, a part of you will feel guilty about putting your child in daycare when you can care for him at […]

  • If you can help it, don’t lie to your children

    Whether it’s saying “the park is closed” when you just want to go home or “out of cookies” when you know your child has had too many sweets, most parents know what it is like to lie to their kids. Sometimes parents may think lying to their kids is better than dealing with arguments or […]

  • How to Make Long Flights Easier with Toddlers

    When you board a plane with a toddler, especially on a long-haul flight, you may already be casting apologetic smiles at your fellow passengers. A few may smile back, others look sympathetic, and others look terrified. And almost everyone is secretly trying to check your boarding pass to know where you are going to sit. […]

  • Delivery Room Tips Every Dad Should Know

    Your partner is in excruciating pain. She is sweating, groaning, and squeezing your hand harder than you can believe possible. You’re telling her that she’s doing great, that you’re proud of her – but it is not working, and she’s just rolling her eyes. She’s miserable, and she’s not being very nice to you, to […]

  • A Guide to Meal Planning on a Budget

    Meal planning is an effective way to save money on your food budget. It may require some intentional thought upfront, but meal planning on a budget can prevent last-minute splurges that break your food budget and any food restrictions you might have.  Plan and write down your meals for the week or month ahead. Suppose […]

  • How to Support Your Partner with Postpartum Depression

    No matter how much you’ve looked forward to it or prepared for it, having a baby is stressful. With sleep deprivation, new responsibilities, and lack of time for yourself, many new moms feel like they’re on an emotional rollercoaster.  According to research, most women experience at least some symptoms of the baby blues immediately after […]