Is it acceptable to put toddler in daycare if you’re not working?

Those who need care, especially little children, are needy and adorable, and parents are evolutionarily disposed to focus on them. And the truth is, without childcare, life will revolve around your toddler.

As a parent, a part of you will feel guilty about putting your child in daycare when you can care for him at home. Then you’ll see how your son pushes his bowl of macaroni and cheese off the table for the third time with no apparent reason, and you’re reminded why you need a few hours.

And, of course, there will be many people who will think that it is cruel to bring your kid to daycare when you are free to care for him. But keep in mind that happy parents make good parents. In the trying toddler phase, nothing can make you more comfortable than going out and getting groceries on your own or getting a meal out with your partner without being afraid of a tantrum. 

Even if they are not doing paid work, parents still do a lot of work at home and don’t get much downtime from their duties. There’s no reason why parents can’t catch up on sleep, catch up with their partner, or just sit there and watch a movie while their child is in a safe and enriching space. 

Putting your toddler in a daycare facility can be a game-changer, even for a few hours a week. There are still a lot of chores needed to be done, and a few hours doing it alone can be good for you and your child.

You can take your toddler to daycare, go grocery shopping, run some errands, clean the house, work out, or lay there and watch a movie for a few hours uninterrupted. This doesn’t mean you’re a terrible parent; you also need time for yourself and do things that can take long or be difficult with your toddler around. 

It will also be a good time for your toddler to be around his friends and play around and interact with other people other than you. Being in childcare can also benefit your child’s development. Your toddler may enjoy this time as well.

Also, remember that it takes a village to raise a child. It may not be your family, and some will say that you’re paying strangers to raise your kids, but that is not the case. Parents also need to care for themselves to take care of their children. Be at peace with your decision, and realize how good it is for your mental and physical health. You’ll be surprised how you can be a better parent with a little break here and there. It is inhumane to deny yourself that little time and deny your child a relaxed and recharged parent.