Getting Chores Done with a Newborn

Do people always say that your life will never be the same once you have a baby? They mean that your house will never be the same once you have a baby – because you’ll never have enough time to clean it! 

You’ve probably wondered how to do housework with a baby. It is hard to get housework done when you have a baby to care for who demands your time and attention all day. Today we share some tips to get these chores done with a newborn at home.

The first several weeks at home with a newborn are exhausting. The baby must be fed every couple of hours, burped, and diapered regularly. You will also be operating on very little sleep.

And on top of that, the house needs to be tended, vacuumed, dishes cleaned, and laundry needs to get done. So, how can you manage it all with a baby? Here are some hacks to get housework done with a baby in the house,

1. Plan for the first few weeks home with baby

You must prepare and plan for the postpartum period to focus on the baby, catch up on sleep when the baby naps, and help your body recover from giving birth.

Prepare as many freezer meals as possible during your third trimester and stock up the freezer. Stockpile on the household essentials you need. Also, spend time decluttering and organizing each room in the house so you are well prepared to care for a baby. 

2. Focus on the most important things during the first few weeks

During the first few weeks, your primary focus is your baby and your postpartum recovery. Let the house take a backseat. You don’t need the place to be spotless right now. Just do the absolute essentials, such as laundry daily and dishwasher loading.

3. Use a baby carrier or sling for the baby

Consider a baby carrier or sling when you need to perform little chores but want to keep the baby near you. Use safe procedures and common sense when doing housework that involves chemicals.

4. You can use a baby swing

We love a good baby swing! A baby swing possesses the sanity-saving ability to soothe a fussy baby. It allows mom or dad to get some housework done around the house.

5. Keep the baby in the pack n’ play or travel cot

When the infant starts moving around, a travel cot comes in handy. You can keep the infant there and perform some housework while keeping an eye on the baby.

6. Do housework while baby naps

You’ll only need a baby monitor, so you don’t have to continue walking to the bassinet or crib to check on your sleeping baby while doing the dishes. An excellent baby monitor allows you to watch your infant while doing your household.

7. Get baby used to white noise

A white noise machine can be another lifesaver!

From the start, get your baby used to sound. Sound becomes associated with a good night’s sleep. Your baby will sleep better when you vacuum the house or run about, get chores done, and produce noise.

8. Use your time wisely

Time management is critical to juggling all the responsibilities. If you can manage your time wisely, you won’t get overwhelmed by everything you have to do. Break down household chores you need to do into manageable tasks, stick to an easy schedule and take advantage of the baby’s nap time.

9. Ask for help

Get your partner involved in helping you care for the baby or doing household chores. Remember, your partner can do anything for your baby that you do, except for breastfeeding. Have your partner watch the baby while you do the chores or vice versa.

10. Clean as you go

The main idea is that instead of waiting for the house to become unclean or messy and then spending hours cleaning it, you simply clean a small amount at a time.

Make it a habit to put things away where they belong to save time and stress later. Wash dishes immediately after use, clean up the countertop if you spill something, put the dirty clothes in the hamper, sweep up the kitchen floor if there are any crumbs, etc.

When you have your newborn, accept that your priorities will be reorganized. Cuddle up to your newborn, take a deep breath, and know that the housework will get doneā€¦ eventually!