Food-Safe Disposable Gloves – Price Comparison @ Amazon (Updated)

Disposable gloves are helpful in many industries to provide a barrier of protection between hands and sensitive materials. Suppose you’ve worked in food service or just cooked for your family and friends. In that case, you’ll surely appreciate having the best food handling disposable gloves on hand to keep yourself and others protected. 

Whatever you need food-grade gloves for, we have you covered. Below is a helpful table with information about affordable food-safe disposable gloves.

BrandSpecial FeaturePackagingPackagePriceSheetCountPricePer Pair of Glove
TurbaNon Sterile,Latex FreeFlat Box$17.992 x 100 = 200$0.0900
Disposable Vinyl GlovesPowder FreeFlat Box$7.991 x 100 = 100$0.0799
KexleLatex FreeFlat Box$16.991 x 100 = 100$0.1699
SafeguardFood Grade,Elastic,Latex Free,Powder FreeFlat Box$15.951 x 100 = 100$0.1595
Clean OnesPowder-free,Lightweight,Latex-free,RecycledFlat Box$11.762 x 500 = 1000$0.0118

Last updated 1st Aug 2022

The table shows the brand, the unique features of the gloves, packaging, package price, sheet count, and price per pair of gloves. All of the items above are available and can be purchased on Amazon!

If you want to share any other food-safe disposable glove brand suggestions available on Amazon, email us at so we can update the table above.