Effective Ways to Cope with Mommy Stress

Motherhood is stressful. And yes, it does bring fun, growth, and love, but it can also include a fair amount of work, frustration, and strain.

Juggling your responsibilities as a mom and other duties is challenging. Whether you’re also a spouse or an employee, or both, it will be hard to fit everything in addition to being a mom. Fortunately, the joyful parts of motherhood can help you deal with those times that are more stressful than fun.

Studies have shown that mothers’ relationships with their kids are dependent on the ability to manage stress, so mothers should take care of themselves by effectively managing stress. Of course, this is easier said than done. Many working mothers are extremely busy. They have tons to worry about; there are countless external pressures to face each day. And this is not just for working mothers; some stay-at-home moms struggle with too much stress. Here are some practical ways to cope with mommy stress:

  • Learn what the signs of stress are for you. Understand how you experience stress. Everyone experiences it differently. How do you know you are stressed? How are your thoughts and behaviors different from when you do not feel stressed?
  • Identify your stressors. What triggers your stress? Are they related to your children, family, financial decisions, work, relationships, or others?
  • Recognize how you deal with stress. Determine if you are using unhealthy behaviors to cope with the stress of motherhood. Is this a routine behavior, or is it specific to certain events and situations? Do you make unhealthy choices as a result of feeling rushed and overwhelmed? Put things in perspective and make time for what’s really important. Prioritize and delegate responsibilities. Identify ways your family and friends can help so that you can take a break. Delay or say no to less important tasks.
  • Find healthy ways to manage stress. Make time to take a short walk, exercise, or talk things out with friends and family. Remember that unhealthy behaviors develop over time and can be challenging to change. Don’t take on too much at once. 
  • Ask for support. Accepting help from supportive family and friends can improve your ability to persevere during stressful times. If you feel overwhelmed by stress, you may consider talking to a professional who can help you manage stress and change unhealthy behaviors. 

Mothers often put their family needs first and neglect their own. It’s okay to relax your standards, don’t put too much pressure on yourself to have the perfect house or be an ideal mother. No one expects you to be a superwoman.

Perhaps one of the best ways for mothers to reduce stress is to cherish the joy of motherhood. To really enjoy your kids and make the most of all the gifts and benefits of being a mother. 

In addition to these, it’s also essential to keep children’s stress in mind. Even your children can benefit from stress relief practices like exercise and quiet time. Remember that mothers and young children are attuned to each other and that reducing stress in one may help both mother and child.