Day Care vs. Nanny: Which One’s Right for You?

Choosing between hiring a nanny and enrolling your child in daycare doesn’t have to be stressful. Both options have pros and cons that deserve a review and comparison.

Personalized Attention

A nanny can provide your child personalized attention and easily tailor feeding and nap schedules. In a daycare environment, the caregiver ratio to kids may be disadvantaged, even if the exact percentage is limited by specific laws in your area. While daycare teachers do their best to cater to each child’s needs, attention will be understandably divided.

Educational Benefit

With the personalized attention that a nanny can provide to your child, you might miss out on the daycare advantage of caregivers who have been trained in early childhood education and can teach anything from reading to motor skills. On the other hand, hiring a nanny may be economical if you have more than one child or do not need full days of childcare. You may also share a nanny and split costs with another family.

Social Interaction

The social interaction of a daycare setting can be a significant advantage. This interaction can help children prepare for school and learn how to behave in a school environment. There may be minimal social interaction if your nanny keeps your children at home all day. This can be overcome by setting up playgroups and taking advantage of other group activities.

Physical Health

Daycare facilities comply with strict cleanliness standards, but germs can still spread through the rooms. A parent can bring a sick child to class, and many other children in the class could become ill. While at home, the environment would be more controlled and cleaner, and your child may be exposed to fewer germs. Some parents prefer exposure to some germs earlier in life to help build immunity for their child.

These are only some considerations when choosing between a nanny or daycare. You can also consider what works with your schedule and budget. 

In the end, only you can decide the best option for your family. Be honest about your needs and wants; sit down and list what is most important. Remember that no decision is permanent, and you can always change your mind based on your or your child’s needs.