Choosing the Right Stroller for Twins

(Last Updated on 1 August 2022)

A stroller is perhaps the most crucial piece of equipment you will buy as a parent of multiples. Unless you plan to be confined to your home until your children can walk, you will need a good stroller to maneuver them through the world.

Many families find that their stroller remains a convenient and safe method of transportation for several years, so it is easy to say that it is worth investing in a quality product that will withstand some wear and tear. Think of it as a vehicle for your babies and give your purchase as much consideration as you would if you were buying a family car.

And if you have twins, you know how hard it can be to manage both kids. Taking them both on a stroll can become complicated – this is where you need to have a double stroller. After all, taking twins in two different strollers is not an easy thing to do.

Traveling with kids can be tricky, especially for families with two or more children. That’s why double strollers are absolutely worth it — and since a lot of strollers are now designed to grow with your kids, they can make a good investment, too.

A double stroller is designed to be compact and practical, offering children and parents the necessary comfort and safety. Although it varies in a model, the double stroller allows children to sit together. Parents can push the stroller, even alone. Double strollers are especially strong and enduring. They have solid casings and excellent textures to support the heaviness of two children. Getting one double stroller is less expensive than buying two single strollers.

The double strollers market is very competitive. There is such a variety of double strollers for infants and toddlers. There are two basic styles of double strollers. Tandem, or stadium seating, strollers have seats arranged in a straight line, with one behind the other. The seats may both face forward or face each other. Side-by-side strollers, as their name implies, feature two adjacent seats. Here are a few pros and cons of both styles.

What is a tandem stroller?

Tandem strollers. These are more readily available because they aren’t exclusively used for twins. Most models are actually designed for two singleton siblings. One seat may be roomier or positioned higher than the other. At the same time, the additional space is made for a smaller infant. They are more likely to come with handy accessories such as sunshades, drink holders, and snack trays.

Tandems are generally longer and more slender than side-by-side models. For this reason, some people find them easier to maneuver through narrow spaces, such as shopping center aisles and doorways. But there are also aspects of tandem strollers that don’t work well with twins. Designed for an older child, one of the seats does not fully recline in many models.

What is a side-by-side stroller? 

Side-by-side strollers are more of a traditional type of twin stroller. They operate efficiently with two children of equal weight and provide adequate leg and headroom for both. One notable advantage of this style is that it positions both children with identical viewpoints.

Side-by-sides are more expansive but have a shallower profile. That gives the stroller pusher more control and puts the babies in a closer arm’s reach. Unfortunately, many parents find their width hard to deal with in crowded or constricted locations or when they need to go through single doorways or down narrow passageways.

And if you’re looking for a stroller for your twins, there will be hundreds available that you can purchase. To begin your hunt, here’s some helpful information on some of the strollers available on Amazon and some notable details about each:

Tandem Strollers

BABY JOY Double Baby Stroller ($169.99).  This stroller is perfect for babies 6 months to 36 months old. It also comes with a folded sunshade that can protect the baby from strong sunlight when it is needed. A storage basket under the seat can store something the baby needs and help your hand free.

Besrey Double Stroller for Infant and Toddler ($179.99).  This stroller has a multi-position rear seat; it can also be flattened to create a cozy infant bassinet for the baby’s comfort, accommodating your baby from birth to 36 months. It also comes with an extra-large canopy that protects your babies from the sun’s harsh rays; It Includes a rain cover for heavy, unexpected rain.

Baby Trend Sit N’ Stand Compact Easy Fold ($189.99). This stroller can fit all the little ones into 1 stroller. This travel system holds 2 kids at a time and is versatile enough to carry infants, toddlers, and older kids.

Dream On Me Track Tandem Stroller ($339.99).  This tandem stroller has reversible seats that let your kids be front facing, parent facing, or face each other while you can run your errands. Both front and rear seats have a 5-point safety harness for security. Also, this stroller features a lightweight aluminum frame with a high-end anodizing treatment.

Graco Modes Duo Double Stroller ($390.90).  This stroller has 27 riding options for two children, from infant to youth, including bench seats and standing platform options. It also has a one-hand, standing fold with storage latch folds with seats on or off to make stowing and going easy for parents.

Side-by-Side Strollers

Kolcraft Cloud Plus ($171.99).  This travel-friendly lightweight design is perfect for traveling and day trips. The width of this stroller fully assembled is 31 inches which should allow this stroller to roll through any standard door smoothly. It also has a three-tier, extended canopy for maximum UV protection and coverage. A peek-a-boo window to easily keep a watchful eye on your baby.

Jeep Destination Ultralight ($199.99).  This stroller features an aluminum frame. It has independent, multi-position reclining seats and adjustable footrests, 5-point safety harnesses, and reflective shoulder pads to ensure you can be seen during nighttime walks.

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger ($249.99).  This stroller is designed for children from 6-50 pounds (each child) and is no more than 42″ tall. A multi-position seat recline has a 5-point safety harness and a ratcheting shade canopy. It also has a convenient parent tray which includes two cup holders and a covered storage compartment.

Summer Infant 3DPac CS+ Double Stroller ($269.99).  A lightweight stroller makes any outing a little easier! The Summer 3Dpac CS+ Double Stroller has a lightweight frame for quick pick up and go. Plus, it has an easy compact fold with auto-lock and carries a strap. With no adapter needed, you can also use your favorite car seat with this baby stroller!

Joovy Scooter X2 with Tray ($329.99).  This side-by-side stroller comes with a tray and a large storage basket. It fits through standard doors and navigates narrow checkout lines. It also has an adjustable extra-large sun protection canopy with a peek-a-boo window. What’s best is that each seat can independently recline in infinite positions and has adjustable footrests.

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Choosing the best baby stroller for twins is not as simple as it sounds. You need to consider your lifestyle and the practicality you will have with the chosen model. And suppose you ask any parent of twins whether they prefer one stroller over the other. In that case, they will likely give you a passionate response as to why their stroller is the best. However, there is no perfect stroller. Your perfect stroller is the one that meets your family’s needs.