Children Activities to Reduce Screen Time

We shared from our previous blog post, Limiting Screen Time for Young Children, how screens are practically everywhere and gave out tips on how we can limit our children’s screen time. Now, let’s talk deeper about which activities we can do to reduce their screen time. 

Children learn valuable social skills when they spend less time in front of a screen. They interact with their peers and the adults around them. It’s essential to be a good role model. Participate in children’s activities and games as much as possible. Limit cell phone and computer use. Encourage your child to seek out and get involved with activities that don’t need a screen. 

Here are some creative ideas on how to reduce screen time:

  • Play charades or act out stories or skits: Hand out various costume pieces and have children dress up.
  • Get crafty: Start drawing, providing coloring sheets, or making greeting cards for upcoming holidays or birthdays.
  • Enlist their help: Involve children in meal and snack preparation and clean-up.
  • Play music: Allow children to create their own dances. For added movement, use ribbons, and beach balls.
  • Puzzle time: Provide simple puzzles that children can complete alone or in pairs.
  • Surprise them: Make a bag or box filled with activities children don’t usually do. This will keep the kids occupied while you work on other things.

It can also help when they have a schedule for the day; it could clarify when they are allowed and not allowed on screens to clarify expectations and prevent arguments. Always remember to be consistent and be a role model to your children!