Category: Raising Kids

  • Help Kids See the Good Side of Getting Things Wrong

    From the moment our babies are placed in our arms, we feel that unconditional love, and as they grow, we support them as they learn how to sit, crawl, walk and talk; we guide them as they make friends; teach them how to write their names; and provide comfort after every bumps and bruise. We […]

  • Why Boredom is Good for your Kids

    One of the concerns parents are in right now is that they are creating a generation of stimulation junkies. A stimulation junkie needs to be entertained and stimulated all the time. When left to entertain himself, he becomes uncomfortable and has withdrawals. Parents fall into the trap of raising kids that are stimulation junkies. It […]

  • Connect with Your Child Before Bedtime

    A good night’s sleep is about getting to sleep and staying asleep. Most children wake up by themselves if they’re getting enough good-quality sleep.  Most children fall asleep within 20 minutes of going to bed. How long it takes children to sleep can depend on how sleepy their bodies are and their daytime and bedtime […]

  • The Problem with Labelling your Child as Smart

    Every parent wants their child to do well in school, stay out of trouble, and be successful. But that’s easier said than done. The truth is there is no seamless path to guarantee success.  Our very young children are naturally driven to learn and explore. They are beginning their lifelong pursuit of understanding and mastery […]

  • The Importance of Reading to Your Children

    Babies and young children are like sponges that significantly soak in everything in their environments. For one, reading is a powerful, fulfilling, and rewarding activity that can help your child’s development. Whether you’re reading a classic novel or fairy tale before bedtime, reading aloud can significantly benefit your child’s life. It’s possible to help ensure […]

  • Signs Your Child Is Burned Out

    Burnout refers to acute emotional exhaustion due to permanent or temporary excessive demand. It can manifest itself in reduced productivity and may lead to total fatigue, apathy, and some other psychosomatic disorders. There is also an increased risk for any kind of dependency disorder.  It is essential to know that burnout syndrome is not a […]

  • Should I spank my child?

    Spanking is a widely debated topic. For generations, Spanking was “the right thing.” Some people feel hesitant to abandon a discipline they experienced when they were children. But the thinking on Spanking has changed over the years, and now most experts advise against Spanking or using corporal punishment. However, some parents still believe that Spanking […]

  • Why You Shouldn’t Overindulge Your Child

    Have you experienced being in a store and your child asks for something – a toy, a candy, something they want – you say “no,” and he starts having a fit, then we give in to make the tantrum stop. It would work; your kids would stop crying – for the moment. But it also […]

  • Why it’s Okay Not to Try to Make Your Child Happy

    Every parent wants to raise happy and successful kids. It is considered the holy grail of parenting success. We want them to grow up to love and be loved, to follow their dreams, to find success, and of course, to be happy. But too often, we tend to confuse happiness with gratification and pleasure.  Giving […]

  • Can you give a child too much praise?

    It is natural for parents to praise their children for doing extraordinary things. It feels good when your kid does something you can’t believe someone his age can do; you are proud to have an awesome kid.  Praise is when you tell your child that you like what he is doing and how he’s behaving […]