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  • Advice for expectant fathers leading up to birth

    Advice for expectant fathers leading up to birth

    Pregnant women indeed experience a variety of emotions and life changes. But first-time dads have their feelings and concerns to deal with, too. While men may not show it outwardly, the effects of becoming a father should not be underestimated. You’re not alone if you’re surprised, panicked, overwhelmed, scared, or unprepared. This, like any major […]

  • Delivery Room Tips Every Dad Should Know

    Your partner is in excruciating pain. She is sweating, groaning, and squeezing your hand harder than you can believe possible. You’re telling her that she’s doing great, that you’re proud of her – but it is not working, and she’s just rolling her eyes. She’s miserable, and she’s not being very nice to you, to […]

  • Dads Guide on Induction of Labor

    Waiting for your partner to give birth is endless. By week 40 of pregnancy, you and your partner will feel pretty eager to get the waiting over with. And your baby is probably preened for the occasion too. But what if it got stage fright and just won’t make its entrance? What then? Induction of […]

  • Advice for Parents Expecting Twins or Triplets

    The news that you are expecting twins or triplets is an ultimate bombshell. It’s an amazing blessing that’s often followed by an enormous shockwave. Every parenting book will tell you that life changes dramatically after a child is born. As a result, parents of twins (or triplets, or more!) may feel like they’ve left the […]

  • Advice for Dads During Labor and Delivery

    We all know what Mom’s job is during childbirth, but by offering support, dads play a crucial role. When labor happens, dads can feel overwhelmed and clueless about what to do and how to best help and support their partner when she needs help the most. So, how can you prepare for what’s bound to […]