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  • All About Object Permanence

    Object permanence is one of many significant developmental milestones you enjoy with your little one. It means that a child understands that things, and people, still exist even when they cannot be seen or heard. When you hide a favorite toy, you can gauge a child’s understanding of object permanence by their reaction. What happens […]

  • Planning for the First Few Weeks Home with a Baby

    We talked about some hacks on how we can manage with a newborn from our previous blog post, Getting Chores done with a newborn. Let’s dig deeper into how challenging a new baby’s first weeks at home can often be. Parents may feel overburdened, if not overwhelmed. Inadequate sleep can cause weariness. Caring for a […]

  • Bringing Baby Home: Preparing Yourself, Your Home, and Your Family

    Preparing for a new permanent resident in your life can be difficult, but doing nothing to prepare is even more difficult. While there’s no way to guarantee you won’t be surprised during your first few months as a mother, there are ways to set yourself up for more tremendous success, satisfaction, and sanity before your […]

  • Benefits of Educational Toys for Infants and Toddlers

    It is widely known that infants and toddlers are constantly eager to explore and discover new things. They are always interested in what is going on around them. Their active exploration of nature is an essential aspect of growing up. According to research, learning through play is essential for a child’s development. Though ensuring that […]

  • Getting Chores Done with a Newborn

    Do people always say that your life will never be the same once you have a baby? They mean that your house will never be the same once you have a baby – because you’ll never have enough time to clean it!  You’ve probably wondered how to do housework with a baby. It is hard […]

  • Encouraging Baby to talk

    Learning to speak is a process that begins at birth when your baby hears how voices sound. Your baby listens to your voice, and helping our babies acquire language skills may be easier and more natural than we think.  Play is one way to help babies develop, learn and explore the world. Playing with your […]

  • Day Care vs. Nanny: Which One’s Right for You?

    Choosing between hiring a nanny and enrolling your child in daycare doesn’t have to be stressful. Both options have pros and cons that deserve a review and comparison. Personalized Attention A nanny can provide your child personalized attention and easily tailor feeding and nap schedules. In a daycare environment, the caregiver ratio to kids may […]

  • Guide to Potty Training

    Imagine changing your little one’s last diaper; it’s thrilling, isn’t it? Potty training is a significant milestone. You may be eager to say goodbye to the diaper days. Still, its success relies on physical, developmental, and behavioral milestones, not age. It is crucial to gauge whether your little one is ready.  Look for signs that […]

  • How to clip baby’s fingernails?

    First-time parents often find cutting their baby’s fingernails somewhat intimidating and tricky. Who wouldn’t? Trimming those cute, tiny fingernails and toenails can make most new parents uneasy – but it’s not one you ignore.  Usually, a baby’s fingernails are overgrown and long at birth. Trimming or cutting it would be nearly easy as it is […]

  • Best First Baby Shoes

    We always want the best for our babies, especially as they grow; we want to provide them the best we can get. From their clothes and diapers to their shoes, we not only want them to look good but to be safe and appropriate for their age. For the first few months of their life, […]