Baby High Chair Safety

If you have babies at home, you might be dealing with all the funny chaos babies make during their mealtime. This is when you need a high chair to make your toddler sit and eat without making a mini-mess!

In our previous article Choosing a High Chair, we talked about the different types of high chairs. Now let’s dive deeper into why it is important and how safe it is to use.

We all know how notoriously messy babies are. To improve their social skills, high chairs can be significant. Have a look at the benefits a high chair can offer:

  1. A high chair comforts your child while keeping them safe. High chairs are specially designed for your infant and are customized for his growing size. As there is increasing competition among various manufacturers, they include more safety features in the high chair for your baby.
  2. It encourages self-feeding in babies. High chairs can let your baby learn to self-feed. Babies quickly grasp and develop their habits from their environment. When they are taught to sit on a high chair, it also teaches them to be self-reliant.
  3. It is portable and flexible. High chairs can be helpful if you often travel with your babies. They can be portable and easy to transport. Another great advantage of high chairs is that it is flexible and adjustable. The height, tray, or even the seat can be easily adjusted.
  4. It is easy to clean and sanitize. You know the consequences of having a self-feed baby. Things may turn extremely messy. Since high chairs come with stain-resistant and removable trays, they can easily be cleaned and sanitized.
  5. It impacts the infant’s social upbringing and enables a pleasant time with parents. When seated on a high chair, your baby is at a height that allows it to observe and learn from its surroundings. Your baby will learn to eat and socialize, impacting their social upbringing.

Using a swing, bouncy chair, or bumbo seat at the table may seem more straightforward, but the risk and safety dangers aren’t worth it. Safety is the most important thing when it comes to your baby. Do you know that numerous infants are injured each year while sitting in a high chair?

To prevent this, here is what you should look for in any high chair option you go with, whether you want a traditional highchair, a contemporary highchair, a high folding chair, or even a booster, a seat harness, or a seat-on clamp:

  • Adjustable safety straps (three or five-point harness) 
  • Safe latches and closures
  • Adjustable seat heights
  • A crotch post
  • No rough edges or exposed hinges
  • Wide, stable base 
  • Wheel locks (if it has wheels)

Keep these 5 essential safety tips in mind as you place your child in the high chair: 

  1. Always strap your babies in.
  2. Before use, thoroughly examine the chair. Ensure everything’s where it should be and that there is no damage to the chair. Ensure that the high chair is stable and cannot be tipped over easily.
  3. If your chair can fold, ensure that the locking mechanism is secure before use.
  4. Keep the high chair in your proximity at all times. You should be able to see your baby from wherever you are. Make sure it’s not within reach of the table or countertops, too.
  5. When your baby is seated in a high chair, never leave them unattended.

As important as it is for the baby to feel comfortable in the high chair, it’s crucial that anyone supervising the baby during meal times is familiar with how it works. Know how the chair folds, where the locking mechanism is located, how to secure the straps correctly, and how to remove the tray.