An Open Letter to Working Parents

An open letter to working parents

To every working parent,

I’m not a fan of open letters, but since I can’t reach through your screen and shake your shoulders, this will have to do.

Your mornings start early, and most of your days run late into the night. You work continuously for up to 10 hours a day. I know that the long days of the same old thing can be extremely frustrating and tiring. Your strength and determination are unparalleled.

I know parenting is hard. Even more so because it’s not supposed to be! It’s supposed to be instinctive. I know that none of you ever get credit because I get it – children have been raised successfully for millennia. Still, I want you to know one important thing: You’re doing a great job!

I know your kids are so charming and exciting and sweet. I’m impressed with how they stand up for themselves when they don’t want to eat their food or drink their medicines. Congratulations on raising assertive children with age-appropriate taste buds! 

The way you overthink any decision you have to make for your family is so considerate. Good work! You care! You’re even reading this article that falls under the parenting category – look at you taking a great interest!

There is just so much to keep track of; no one could ever do it alone. Yet you strive and continue to try. I’m proud of you!

Do you feel nagging toggles between letting things slide while simultaneously worrying about something else? That is the exact right feeling to have. You’re nailing it!

Remember that time when they made such a huge mess? The way they explore and learn about the world is fascinating. You’re facilitating that! What a great job!

I know you gave in to that gadget and let them watch YouTube videos for hours. You’re keeping your peace and sanity. You care for yourself; good job!

I know that it never feels like you’re doing enough, but that indicates that you’re doing much more than essential. Here’s the truth: there’s no amount of vegetables or emails, no shortage of screen time or cookies, no toy expensive enough, no birthday party perfect enough to replace you, even on your most awful day. 

Ninety percent of parenting is being there, and we are always there. So, good for us. Good for you. You’re doing a fantastic job!