Advice for Parents Expecting Twins or Triplets

The news that you are expecting twins or triplets is an ultimate bombshell. It’s an amazing blessing that’s often followed by an enormous shockwave. Every parenting book will tell you that life changes dramatically after a child is born. As a result, parents of twins (or triplets, or more!) may feel like they’ve left the hospital and landed on another planet.

The arrival of multiple newborns can bring medical, logistical, financial, and emotional challenges for a family. But with more families having twins, triplets, quadruplets, and more, it also means an increase in resources to help them.

Preparation is not optional. It’s essential. You can’t just hope everything will fall into place because it won’t – you’ll have double the demands and responsibilities for your two gorgeous babies.


How Can Mothers Stay Healthy During a Multiple Pregnancy?

Any expectant mother can stay healthy by eating well, getting enough rest, and receiving regular prenatal care.

It’s critical to find medical professionals who have dealt with multiple births before and see your health care provider as they recommend. This allows the doctor to watch for issues and treat them as needed.

Request a referral from your doctor to a facility specializing in multiple births. Suppose you go into early labor or one of your babies is born with a health problem. In that case, you should be enrolled in a preterm birth prevention program at your hospital and have immediate access to a specialized NICU.

How Should You Prepare for Delivery?

Getting ready for multiple births may seem overwhelming, especially concerning preterm labor. But know that you have a strong support system, including capable doctors, caring hospital staff, a partner, family, and friends.

The pros and cons of vaginal delivery versus cesarean section (C-section) must be discussed with your doctor before your due date. Even if you and your doctor agree to try for a vaginal delivery, complications may arise during labor or delivery, necessitating a C-section.

You can have more birth attendants in the room during labor and delivery. Midwives, for example, are becoming more common. When it comes to multiples, it’s usually best if a midwife collaborates with a doctor rather than working alone.

Another option is to hire a doula. Doulas support women during and after childbirth by assisting with infant care and household tasks.

What Will Delivery Be Like?

You’ll be hooked up to a fetal monitor as soon as labor starts so your doctor can keep track of each baby’s progress.

If you’re hoping for a vaginal delivery, keep in mind that this isn’t always possible with multiples. A C-section is sometimes necessary to keep the babies safe. C-sections are used to deliver most triplets and other higher-order multiples.

Suppose your doctor needs to do a C-section. In that case, a catheter will be placed in your bladder. You’ll be given medicine to make you feel better. In your abdomen and uterus, an incision will be made. Your babies will then be delivered through the incision by the doctor. With this method, the babies will be born within minutes of each other. After that, the incision will be closed.

Many multiple pregnancies result in babies born prematurely, which will require immediate transfer to the NICU for the specialized care they need.

What Else Should You Know?

The first few days, weeks, and months for parents of multiples are often the most difficult, as everyone adjusts to the frequent feedings, lack of sleep, and lack of personal time.

Here are also some helpful tips you may find useful:

  • Remember, they are two distinct individuals. Even if they have the same birthday and look alike, treat them as individuals.
  • Feed both twins if one wakes up in the middle of the night to eat.
  • Sleep is more important than keeping your house clean. You must sleep when the babies are sleeping.
  • Breastfeeding a single baby is difficult. With two, it’s a real challenge. Request lactation support from your birthing center.
  • Accept help.
  • There is nothing as a perfect right or incorrect method to handle things.
  • Look for products that have giveaways for multiples, or buy one on products you will be using the most, such as formula, diapers, or strollers.
  • Set schedules and consistent routines will make your life so much easier.

Numerous concerns may arise as you begin to imagine life with two newborns. Attending a birthing center class is advised to learn about the challenges of having twins, triplets, or more, including labor, birth, parenting, and breastfeeding.